Military warns will use maximum powers if required

The military has warned it will use maximum powers, if required, to curb the spread of violence.

Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, in a special statement said that there had been incidents where some youth were involved in damaging and destroying property in some areas yesterday.

“So, I as Army Commander request here and the same time warn anyone who has planned to destroy or dishonour the orders given by the Government or the Armed Forces, that we will take stern action. I say again we will take stern action to apprehend, arrest and even to fire and use minimum or maximum powers given under emergency regulations,” he said.

Emergency regulations were enforced after suicide bombers linked to the Islamic State had bombed hotels and churches in the country on Easter Sunday.

Tensions have been rising in the country since then with hate being spread against innocent Muslims.

“We will ensure that the country will not be getting back to a situation of violent activities and the violence in terms of radicalization and the terrorists. Please ensure that you do not get involved in such incidents or any activities which is not legal at all. The Armed Forces are not hesitant to use the power to curb and curtail and contain the situation. Armed Forces are powerful enough in this country to ensure there won’t be an escalation of violence in any part of the island,” the Army commander said.

He said that the military has deployed the Army, Navy and Air Force to assist the Police to control the situation.

The commander warned youth in the violence hit areas not to get involved in any crime and get entangled with the Armed Forces as troops are ready to use their powers.


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