US urges Maldives and Sri Lanka to collaborate to defeat terrorism

The United States has urged Maldives and Sri Lanka to collaborate to defeat terrorism.

The Ambassador of the United States to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Alaina Teplitz encouraged the Maldives to cooperate with all nations to prevent terrorist acts from taking place and stressed that there is ever more a need for collaboration between Maldives and Sri Lanka, than there ever was, RaajjeMV reported.

“This is the moment for all nations to be reminded of the need to work together. This is something we want to encourage. It can be part of our cooperative and global efforts to get ahead of terrorism,” Teplitz said.

Teplitz made this remark during a speech at the Iftar hosted by the embassy on Sunday evening.

She went on to state that there must be common values among every one no matter which ethnicity, religion or nationality they belong to and these values are important now more than ever following the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka.


  1. It is clear, the enemy is in full swing to create radicals to undermine China. Sri Lanka’s and Pakistan’s recent attacks have been revealing a new strategy of the enemy. China has been focusing too much on BRI, time for China to do the same to destabilise the enemy with the same strategy.

  2. Of course we must defeat terrorism but shouldn’t listen to the masters who create terrorism to divide and rule the developing countries.

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