SLC tables resolution to amend Constitution

In keeping with the provisions of the Sports Regulations promulgated under the Sports Law of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) held its Extraordinary General Meeting today (12th May 2019) and tabled and adopted resolutions to amend the Constitution of the SLC, the Sri Lanka Cricket board said.

The resolution adopted makes provision for an Honorary Position of an additional (third) Vice President of SLC; which is reserved for the nominated representative of the School Cricket Association.

Accordingly, for the first time in the history of the Sri Lankan Cricket administration, the School Cricket Association has been given recognition to be represented in the Executive Committee of the SLC, as required by the Sports Law regulations.

All resolutions tabled at the EGM were unanimously approved by the 67 members who participated at the EGM.

The resumption of the 58th Annual General Meeting of the SLC was also successfully held today and at the end of the Agenda of the AGM, the meeting was adjourned till the financial accounts for the year ended 2018 certified by the Auditor General is received and it was decided that the adoption of the certified accounts will be carried out at the resumption of the AGM with due notice to the membership.


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