Defence Secretary assures security under control

Defence Secretary, General SHS Kottegoda today assured that the security threat in the country has been brought under control and the public can go about their usual dail activities.

He said that the threat following the Easter Sunday attacks has been eliminated and security strengthened in the country.

“I say with responsibility the situation is now under control,” he said.

Kottegoda said that security operations are being conducted around the island by the Police and the security forces.

He said that special focus of the security operations has been placed on schools, places of worship and hotels. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Leaders who failed to protect the people have not resigned. Therefore, the same mindset would continue to allow foreign powers to destabilise Sri Lanka to achieve their ulterior motives. Current President and Prime Minister are incapable to govern the country. Why do you think that the LTTE never targeted Ranil? Because the LTTE felt it can achieve more through Ranil, the foreign powers’ also view the same about Ranil. The truth is Ranil has been fooled by his allies in the name of democracy and human rights to remove the tough security in order to impose their agenda through terrorism. The country that created the LTTE was a bridge to connect local and foreign radicals. Ranil gave a free ride to the foreign powers that created the LTTE and sustained the LTTE through Tamil diaspora.


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