Chennai Police bombarded with hoax calls after Sri Lanka attacks

Following the terror attacks in Sri Lanka, the Chennai police have been on their toes, thanks to ‘hoax’ calls from people who claim to have knowledge about those connected with the blasts, The Hindu newspaper reported.

By the end of April, the Chennai police arrested a 40-year-old man who made a call to the police control room and claimed that he was instrumental in the recent blasts in Sri Lanka.

He made the call following a fight with his wife. At the same time, the Coimbatore Rural Police arrested a 53-year-old man who made a hoax call that Sri Lankan refugees were plotting to place a bomb at the Pollachi railway station. He made the call to take revenge on his friend, the police said. Similar incidents were reported from other parts of the State.

“On an average, the police control room gets 500 to 600 calls every day and over 12,000 calls every month. We used to get very few hoax calls,” said K. Anandakumar, assistant commissioner, modern control.

However, after the terror attacks, hoax calls have increased. “Some of them were by persons who wanted to take revenge on their wives or friends. Some are from drunkards who wish to vent their anger against the government. We track the calls and only after thorough investigation do we confirm that its a hoax,” said a senior police officer.

The police have warned public not to make hoax calls or they will invite action under various sections of the IPC. “A lot of manpower is wasted when such calls are made,” the officer pointed out.


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