MPs warned of possible attacks on Monday says Mahinda

Some Parliamentarians have been warned of possible attacks on Monday May 13, Opposition leader Mahinda Rajapaksa said today.

He told Parliament that the security officers of some Parliamentarians have received intelligence reports of such an attack taking place on Monday.

Rajapaksa questioned the decision to reopen schools if there is still uncertainty over national security.

He said that most MPs have not sent their children to school as there is still a fear of more attacks taking place after the Easter Sunday attacks.

Rajapaksa said that the lives of children must not be taken lightly.

“These children are not bullet proof,” he said.

He said that while politicians may have bullet proof vehicles ordinary children do not.

Rajapaksa said that a clear division between the President and Prime Minister has added to the uncertainty over security in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Yes so many attacks were feared after the 21 st of April nothing has happened so far , there was a rumor that 20 explosive laden lorry’s has being sent to Jaffna so far nothing happened , another story not to eat chicken for three weeks i am eating chicken twice day nothing has happened what bullshit is this who is behind these intelligent reports or rumors , to my knowledge interested parties are spreading rumors for their survival because elections are round the corner so for their benefit they want to keep this momentum to go on.

  2. Upon eating chicken twice a day you can give a guarantee nothing will happen palitha? You better ask those intelligence chiefs to retire and you may can take their place as you can judge far more better than them. If you want to show off that what happen 3 weeks ago easter sunday was just a one off incident then keep it to yourself, you may try to prove country is safe but you need more better things to do that than eating chicken twice a day my friend


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