Government directs mosques to clamp down on extremists

The Government has directed all trustees of mosques not to engage in or permit any gathering to promote or propagate hatred or extremism in any form.

The Ministry of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs said the trustees and custodians have the full responsibility for the administration and management of mosques in accordance with the provisions of the Muslim Mosques and Charitable Trusts or ‘Wakf Act’.

Having considered the current situation in the country, the Ministry of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs has issued a set of guidelines to all the trustees of mosques advising not to use mosques for radicalizing congregations.

The Government said no group should be allowed to engage in such efforts and if such a thing happens, under the laws of the country as well as Wakf Law, the relevant board of trustees is entirely responsible for the activity.

The Muslim mosques have also been instructed to record Jummah prayers or other sermons within their premises and submit the copies of those to the Ministry.


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