Parliament to debate situation in the country

Parliament is to debate the situation in the country when it convenes tomorrow.

Party leaders have agreed to debate the situation tomorrow and on Wednesday.


  1. Government should take all steps to bring back normalcy as we enjoyed prior to 21st April attack reason for delay is interested parties to gain political advantage of the situation are spreading rumors this has to be stopped government has to come out now and fast track their development work the structure of the news telecast has to be changed show something positive to the people.we don’t wont military rulers or military governments lets ordinary civilians rule the country with sanity .Get rid of the radicals BBS, Ravana ,Mahasona and Thawheed Jamaad and Christians fundamentalist converting Buddhist to Christianity, have a registrar for Churches , Temples ,Mosques and Sunday schools and regulate them. take all necessary steps to eliminate radicalization form society from which quarter it comes from.


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