Tycoon’s 3 children killed in Sri Lanka mourned in Denmark

A funeral service has been held in Denmark for the three children of a business tycoon who were killed during the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka, the Associated Press reported.

Holch Povlsen, the owner of the Bestseller clothing chain, comforted his wife, Anne, and their surviving daughter, Astrid, as three flower-covered coffins were brought out of hearses at Aarhus Cathedral.

The family was staying at the Shangri-La Hotel in the capital of Colombo when it was attacked. More than 350 people died in bombings in Sri Lanka on April 21.

Members of the Danish royal family and Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen attended the emotional service.

Holch Povlsen, 46, is the sole owner of the Bestseller clothing chain, the biggest shareholder of fashion retailer ASOS and the largest private landowner in Scotland.


  1. I am sorry to hear that ASOS mogul took his family to South Asia. If I have children I would not take them to South Asia, especially to Sri Lanka. Here is the reason. In the 1980s Sri Lankan leaders wanted to develop the country as Singapore, so they reached out to the West. Indians felt threatened by it so they created the civil war. Sri Lankans fought the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades, because India created Tamil armed groups and encouraged hatred between Tamils and Sinhalease to divide and conquer Sri Lanka. For me Sri Lanka is a dangerous place. Because, it is in a strategic location of the Indian Ocean, but the leaders aren’t wise enough to handle India’s dirty game. Even as I write foreign powers continue to destabilise Sri Lanka, but the leaders are not wise enough to stop it. Wise Sri Lankans cannot do anything for the country, because foreign powers continue to spin the heads of Sri Lankan leaders to make sure that talented Sri Lankan are not involved in decision making.


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