UNP to make strong push to appoint SF as Defence Minister

The United National Party (UNP) is to make a strong push to seek the appointment of former Army Commander, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as the Defence Minister.

UNP Parliamentarian Ashu Marasinghe said that 59 Parliamentarians have already signed a petition calling for Fonseka’s appointment.

“We hope to get more MPs to sign this over the next few days,” he told reporters today.

Marasinghe said that the UNP hopes to make a formal request from the President on Monday to appoint Fonseka to the post.

He said that the Chief Prelates and other religious leaders will also be briefed on the request being made by the UNP.

“This is a national requirement,” Marasinghe said.

President Maithripala Sirisena has already refused to appoint Fonseka to the post.

The President currently holds the portfolio of Defence and Law and Order.


  1. “UNP to make strong push to appoint SF as Defence Minister”
    ASAP or MY3 has to go. Enough is enough. This double tonged, traitor is working with the ‘Jarapassa’ clan and will do anything to stay in power. Citizens, do not forget, this is the moron who said he will set the country on fire if had to leave. One nation One Island. “Devo wassathu kaalena, Sabba sampaththi mevacha, Deego bhavathu lokocha, Raja bhavathu DHAMMIKO”

  2. I am strongly against the decision, because Mr Fonseka may use the power to take revenge on others. He is a politician, therefore his decision may lead to politically motivated instead of serving the country without any bias.

    • He is the most qualified person for that position and he would bring law an order to our country which we are lacking right now.
      Prosecuting criminals doesn’t counts as taking revenge.Only shady people will get frightening of a strong person like Mr. Fonseka.
      If Mr. Fonseka is qualified and experienced we shouldn’t assume on things and jeopardize the security of the country.

    • A few more months left for this ‘Gramasevaka’s’ stupidity. What will happen after that?. “Sabbe Sankhaaraa Anichchaa”.

  3. My3 doesn’t wants to save the country. He is trying to bring opposition into power and supports the ones who wants to come to power. He tried forcefully bring Raja as PM and failed. Now he wants bring Gota. He doesn’t want to bring UN forces or appoint SF as defence minister. Country is in turmoil. Innocent People are getting killed and this guy is dancing to his tunes. He should be gone


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