SriLankan Airlines puts flight marshals on planes

SriLankan Airlines is considering having air marshals on board some flights following the Easter Sunday attacks.

Vipula Gunatilleka, the CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, told Euronews that whilst the national air force had taken charge of ground security, the state-owned carrier was looking to bring air marshals on board some flights.

Despite increased security measures, a drop in visitor numbers to the island nation following the attacks would be inevitable, the airline chief added.

“Business, if you look at it in terms of the passenger numbers and the forward bookings, we have seen about a 10 percent decline,” said Gunatilleka. “Of course, we see cancellations coming from the European destinations, but our other markets like India and the Middle East have been holding on.”

The CEO added that despite the current situation, day-to-day operations at the company couldn’t be ignored, emphasizing that the strategy to turn the loss-making airline into a profitable one was still in place.

“In the turnaround plan that we submitted to the government, we were expecting to reach a breakeven situation in three years time,” he said. “They have been looking for a private investor, but that will get delayed I believe, with the current situation. The biggest problem is that 45 percent of our losses are due to interest financing costs.” (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What a disaster for every sector in the country. This is the dividend of Ranil’s 40 years plus political experience :—)))


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