MR’s close aide accused of conniving with Chinese security agencies

A former head of Sri Lanka’s military intelligence and close aide of the Rajapaksa family is allegedly trying to hinder probes by various countries into the deaths of their citizens in the recent terror attacks at China’s behest.

Major General (Retd) Kapila Hendawitharana, who headed military intelligence during the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime and is the current head of security for the Shangri-La Hotels in Sri Lanka, is said to be obstructing the investigations into the Easter bombings, India’s Economic Times (ET) reported.

According to audio tapes heard by ET, Hendawitharana is allegedly conniving with Chinese security agencies to sabotage the probes. China fears the investigations would allow many countries to expand their presence in the island nation and adversely affect Chinese interests there. Sri Lanka, while absent from the second edition of the BRI summit, is a key pillar in Beijing’s strategic interests in the Indian Ocean region, building infrastructure including the Hamabantota port.

Following the April 21 suicide attacks and bombings, including at the Shangri-La in Colombo, countries including the US sent their probe agencies to Sri Lanka to assist local investigators. US teams visited the Shangri-La, where a number of its citizens were killed, ET has learnt.

Hendawitharana allegedly urged Chinese officials to use diplomatic means as a “deterrent action” to sabotage cooperation between the Sri Lankan and foreign investigating agencies as the increased presence of foreign powers would be detrimental to Chinese interests in the island nation.

Hendawitharana is heard telling the Chinese officials that foreign powers might even get access to Sri Lanka’s airports and ports as part of their efforts to assist local security agencies.

China has allegedly helped the ex-spymaster’s family members in getting education abroad, ET has learnt.

Hendawitharana was dismissed by army commander Sarath Fonseka as an unqualified “logistics man” but was promoted to Major General by Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the defence secretary under Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2006. He was brought back as chief of National Intelligence and given broad oversight over all Lanka’s intelligence agencies. (Colombo Gazette)

Leaked audio:


    • The country is in stalemate. JR came to positions after hardwork. Ranil came to position due to annihilation of UNP leaders by terrorist Prabaharan. JR had best brains by his side. Premadasa, Lalith, Gamini, Ronnie. Who is around Ranil? All those brought by him to the party are working against him. eg Jhonston, Keheliya. Sri Lal, Maithri Gooneratne………

    • Why blame Ranil for everything what is your problem Ranil is the only man who uses his head why don’t you blame Sirisena Law and order Ministry is under him Ranil has nothing to do with it even if Ranil tried to do something Sirisena would not have allowed him to do so because of his animosity with Ranil

  1. In my view , Security in Charge of Hotels failed to create security conscious to its employees, which would have mitigated loss of lives or totally saved the hotels from being targetted. In some countries all goods and People entering tourist hotels are scanned. Some have sniffer dogs.


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