President tells IS “leave my country alone”

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said a foreign mastermind may have planned the Easter Sunday bombings, claimed by Islamic State, telling the terrorist group to “leave my country alone”.

Sirisena also warned it may be possible Islamic State had launched a “new strategy” by targeting smaller countries, Sky New said on Wednesday.

A government source told news agency Reuters on Tuesday police and other security forces across the Buddhist-majority country had been ordered to remain on high alert because the terrorists were expected to try to strike again, before the holy month of Ramadan which starts on Monday.

Sirisena said authorities were aware of “a small group” of Sri Lankans who had travelled abroad to receive training from Islamic State over the past decade.

Investigations revealed the bombs used in the Easter attacks were made locally, the president said in the interview.

The suicide bombings on hotels and churches killed more than 250 people, including 40 foreign nationals.

Police suspect members of two previously little-known groups – National Thawheedh Jamaath and Jammiyathul Millathu Ibrahim – of carrying out the attacks.

On Monday, Islamic State’s media network published a video message purporting to come from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which would be his first appearance since declaring the jihadists’ now-defunct “caliphate” five years ago.

In the video, a bearded man with Baghdadi’s appearance says the Sri Lanka bombings were Islamic State’s response to losses in its last territorial stronghold of Baghouz in Syria.

In the Sky News interview, Sirisena said he had a message for Islamic State: “Leave my country alone.”

Sri Lankan authorities have previously said that they suspect the attackers had international links, although the precise nature of those connections aren’t known. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Interpol, as well as other undisclosed foreign agencies, are helping Sri Lanka with the probe.

Local intelligence officials believe that Zahran Hashim, a Tamil-speaking preacher from the east of the Indian Ocean island country, may have been a key player in plotting the Easter bombings. Officials believe he was one of nine suicide bombers. (Courtesy Reuters)


  1. Stop begging terrorists and their masters. Do your job and go after the terrorists as the Rajapaksas done it. If you can’t do your job properly, resign and handover the country to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. .

  2. “President tells IS “leave my country alone””
    From when did it become yours?……..26th Oct.2018? I think you should leave Sri Lanka, ‘Our Country’ alone and disappear for ever, traitor!

  3. We had given clear information to Sri Lanka regarding these attacks. Why didnt you take it seriously. First of all your President and Prime Minister are at logger heads. Secondly your President sold your country to China and there’s no way you can come out of that debt. China refuses to make a big time terrorist in Pakistan as a terrorist in UN. So is your president listening to China? If then thats the end.

  4. I can understand how tough the job is, because Ranil has two main allies, one who had created the Tamil armed groups, the other ally sustained the LTTE for decades through Tamil diaspora. Those two allies are behind the Easter Sunday attacks. Basically, Ranil has been fooled by his allies. The top leadership is not on the same page. It is extremely critical for the President to bring back the top leadership on the same page. Therefore, President must put aside all the differences and work closely with the Rajapaksas. There is no other solution for the current situation. Ranil must go at any cost, otherwise information will freely flow to the enemies and they will continue to spin your head. It is extremely important to keep the enemies in dark. If you want to win you must bring back the top leadership which you had in May 2009.

    • Well said Hans :–)))) utter fools, they are making fool of themselves and insulting people who voted for them. People will deliver their verdict through the next election and the new government will make sure that this fools will face the music for neglecting their duties.


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