PM says only a few linked to bombings at large

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says only a few people linked to the Easter Sunday attacks are at large.

He says while several have been killed, others are in custody and only a few are at large.

The Prime Minister expressed these views at a meeting with civil society at Temple Trees today.

The Police, today said that one of the Shangri-La bombers was Zaharan Hashim. He attacked the Shangri-La in the company of fellow Islamist Ilham Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim.

Ilham’s elder brother Inshaf Ahmed was the man who bombed the nearby Cinnamon Grand hotel.

The third hotel to be targeted, the Kingsbury, was bombed by a man identified as Mohamed Azzam Mubarak Mohamed. His wife was now in police custody.

The St Anthony’s Church was targeted by a local resident named Ahmed Muaz. His brother has been arrested. The St Sebastian bomber was Mohamed Hasthun.

The Christian Zion church in Batticaloa was hit by a local resident, Mohamed Nasser Mohamed Asad.

Another man who failed to set a bomb off at a de luxe hotel, but blasted his explosives at a guest house in Dehiwala was identified as Abdul Latif Jameel Mohammed.

Fathima Ilham, the wife of the younger of the two brothers, blasted explosives strapped to herself in Dematagoda.


  1. No one knows who is the Master Mind. If Zaharan is dead , he cannot be the Master mind. Master Mind or the Nerve centre should be alive in Sri Lankan soil or otherwise. Governmnent should trace this master mind and declare it to the People. If master or commander is dead how and why so many Arms cache. is a Foreign extremist in command of operations? It is intriguing. On the other hand Indian Media have said yesterday that Sri Lanka has apparently given no value to Indian tips, since SL Authorities may have presumed that India was trying to create a rift between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. If these Indian medias views are to be taken, Is it wrong to assume that Our Foreign Ministry officials and many others were also aware of these tips. So next to follow may more resignations and dismissals.

    • Dear Raza

      Indians are not wise but extremely cunning, otherwise they would have ruled the world well before Russians, British or Americans. Indians knew Sri Lankan government has been divided and any information won’t be taken seriously. And Indians also know how to play the game and whom to entertain to make sure Sri Lanka will be destabilised.

      Indians had all the information, but they did not arrested any follower or suspect in India well before the bombings? As a gimmick Indians arrested few terrorists after the attacks in Sri Lanka to make you think that India wasn’t part of the crime. Indian successfully trained and supported thousands of Tamils. This terrorist attack is nothing for India.

  2. Prime Minister is down playing the current situation to keep his position, instead of handing his resignation to the President. Even the LTTE didn’t coordinate as the Easter Sunday bombings. Therefore, I would not take PM’s statement seriously. He can keep his position, eventually people will deliver their verdict through the next election. Then the new government will deliver verdict for the current administration. We take this matter very seriously and make sure that the leaders who neglected their responsibility will face the music.


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