Four scientists among six Chinese killed in Sri Lanka bombings

Four scientists were among six Chinese nationals killed in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

The Chinese Embassy in Colombo said that four Chinese scientists have been confirmed killed in the Easter explosions in Sri Lanka, raising the number of Chinese killed in the attacks to six.

The embassy said the four Chinese scientists were from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the First Institute of Oceanopgraphy under the Ministry of Natural Resources of China, who arrived in Sri Lanka in the mid of April for research purposes. Their bodies had been found and identified by family members.

The embassy said another five people from the Chinese Academy of Sciences were also injured during the explosions, all of whom already went back to China for further treatment.


  1. This is not new, Sri Lanka lost well educated and talented intellectuals and leaders during the Asia’s longest brutal civil war. Eventually, the foreign power that created the Sri Lankan civil war and Easter Sunday attacks will pay for it. Whatever goes around comes around. The innocent people’s pain, agony and suffering will come back and haunt them in due time.

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