US warns threat in Sri Lanka still remains

EXCLUSIVE: The United States has warned that the terrorist threat in Sri Lanka still remains.

Nancy VanHorn, the spokesperson at the US Embassy in Colombo told the Colombo Gazette that the US believes active members of the attack group that carried out the terror attacks on Easter Sunday may still be at large.

“As the (US) Ambassador has previously stated and as reflected in our travel advisory, the terrorist threat is ongoing,” the spokesperson said.

The United States Government continues to assist Sri Lankan authorities in the aftermath of the horrific attacks that occurred in the country on Easter Sunday.

At the request of the Sri Lankan Government, US experts are already working closely with their Sri Lankan partners on fulfilling short term, specific objectives related to the recent attacks and to bringing the perpetrators to justice. This cooperation does not indicate a larger, long term presence of US security teams in the country.

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina Teplitz had said that the attacks are the work of a few individuals and not of an entire community.

The US Government said earlier that in realizing and applying improved safety mechanisms to protect Sri Lanka’s citizens from new threats, it is imperative that the Sri Lanka Government do so in ways that also protect rule of law and that do not infringe upon the human rights of individuals or groups, or limit their ability to worship, communicate and to live together in peace. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Any person must choose to believe in the Truth and not in lies or falsehood. Knowing the truth and applying it in life makes the mind and body to the highest form of reality in life and set him free from evil.

    This is the second week after the attack of churches and hotels in SL on Easter Sunday, claimed by ISIS leader, expressing the frustration of being utterly defeated in Syria.
    Christians, who were the targets and victims know the truth of Easter which is embedded in their hearts, mind and body. They know that life for ever awaits them, as promised by Jesus to his followers, after their temporary life on this world. The certainty they have, is because of the following main reasons;

    a)Jesus said that he will be crucified, buried and on the third day he will rise. This was even foretold by prophets few centuries prior to his death on the cross
    b)Jesus appeared physically after crucifixion and after the first Easter Sunday, talked with them, had food with them or preached the gospel to them in at least 10 separate instances for 40 days before He was taken physically to heaven, witnessed by Many in Galilee.
    c)Romans who ruled Israel during the Time of Jesus knew the truth and is recorded as Historical facts.

    The Quoran of Muslims states about Jesus 21 times and states the following;
    1.Jesus is in heaven and will come back to judge this world.
    2.Quoran further says that if any Muslim cannot understand or is not clear, the person must get the help of the people of the book, the Bible.
    3.Therefore, a clear relationship to the Christians and not killing them or their churches is pronounced.

    Obviously, ISIS leader, fighters and sympathisers are unable to follow the principles stated in Quoran and observe the path to the spirit of what is contained in the Quoran, which should be the spirit of Muslims.

    The Spirit of the word of God in the Bible and the spirit of the teachings of Jesus is love, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace and joy in Life. This is exactly what the priest of Zion Church in Batticaloa expressed. He chose to follow the teachings of Jesus and said to ISIS bombers who killed about 26 children that he loves the ISIS men, forgive them for their bombs, though he was angry.

    This act is in accordance with a prophesy to the Tamils of SL, given on 3-3-2019. The prophesy states “I will” 6 times and “Do good” 4 times. If God says anything even once it is unshakeable. God has started to do great and unbelievable miracles already, after Easter Sunday. Greater miracles will be witnessed by all of us in SL.


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