Remains of 25 foreigners killed on Easter Sunday repatriated

The remains of 25 foreigners killed on Easter Sunday have been repatriated so far, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today.

As at Monday, 29 April 2019 1700 hours, the number of foreign nationals who have been identified as killed is 42.

The fatalities were: one (01) from Bangladesh, four (04) from China, eleven (11) from India, three (03) from Denmark, one (01) from Japan, one (01) from the Netherlands, one (01) from Portugal, two (02) from Saudi Arabia, two (02) from Spain, one (01) from Switzerland, two (02) from Turkey, six (06) from the UK, one (01) from USA, two (02) holding US and UK nationalities, one (01) holding Swiss and Dutch nationalities, one (01) holding Dutch and Sri Lankan nationalities, and two (02) holding Australian and Sri Lankan nationalities.

Additionally, 12 foreign nationals are unaccounted for at present, and could be among the unidentified victims at the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer’s mortuary.

Five (05) foreign nationals injured in the attacks are receiving treatment at the Colombo South Teaching Hospital and private hospitals in Colombo while others have been discharged from hospital following treatment.

The Foreign Ministry continues to be in close contact with the relevant hospital authorities to identify the remaining victims.

The Ministry will continue to monitor the welfare of the foreign nationals receiving treatment.


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