Assistance to probe by US only specific to recent attacks

The United States says assistance provided to Sri Lanka to probe the Easter Sunday attacks is only specific to the incident.

The US Embassy in Colombo said in a statement today that following the tragic Easter Sunday attacks, President Donald Trump immediately extended an offer of comprehensive support to Sri Lanka to support investigation and recovery efforts.

The Sri Lankan Government accepted this offer and U.S. teams are already working closely with their Sri Lankan partners on efforts including explosives detection, crime scene investigation, and forensics analysis.

The Embassy said that all activities are at the request of and closely coordinated with Sri Lankan authorities.

The cooperation is short term, temporary, and specific to the recent attacks and bringing the perpetrators to justice. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. emerging evidence shows many hallmarks of CIA involvement through ISIS. China came to SL due to West alienating us since LTTE war. its not our fault, its your fault. you stopped financing us, but China did. unfortunately we eventually became Chinese colony. past is pat. now China is in and you’re out. its not our fault, its your fault. you lost SL foothold because you betrayed us in the time of need. admit your fault & leave us alone. dont bomb us via ISIS.

    • It’s not the US or China to be blamed. It’s ‘us’, the ‘Silly Lankans’ fault for going around the world with a begging bowl which our great rulers of the past, King Parkramabahu, Dathusena and others to name a couple never did. At present, there are only cardboard ‘Dutugemunus’ robbing the island willy nelly. Pay off the debts to those countries and start talking.

  2. I fully endorse Dr. Gunaratne’s comment. One does not know the modes-operandi of the US viz-a-viz the FBI and the CIA. Are they trying to set a foot again on Sri Lanka, this time using the ISIS. Sri Lanka intellegence slueths and experts are capable to handle the situation well. The release of all Sri Lanka intelligent Agents under arrest or custody immediately can be an asset to the Sri Lankan slueths probing the crimes at present. Do not forget that it was some of the Sri Lankan Muslim Intellegence slueths in the security forces who did help destryo the worlds most ruthless terriost group in the world, which even the USA and the West claimed, cannot be destroyed. Only around 120 odd extremist Muslims seems to be involved in this attack. The rest of the Sri Lankan Muslims are opposed to the ISIS idealogy and will and are supporting our security forces to rid this memance from Sri Lanka.
    Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP Stalwart and Convener – The Muslim Voice.


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