Three arrested with C-4 explosives in Wellawatte

Three people were arrested with C-4 explosives in Wellawatte this evening, the Navy said.

The Navy said that the suspects were in a three-wheeler at the time of the arrest.

They had in their possession one kilogram of C-4 explosives.


  1. Clueless “Wiki-Siri” Government
    Dismantled and de robed the Countries Intelligence apparatuses, chasing behind nonexistent killer investigations for sheer political mileage. Just Waite and see what will happen to both of you Dumb WIKI- SIRI combo! People are both sick and disgusted of you Lackadaisical , Inefficient , Delayed and unprepared responses.

  2. The only solution is to Bring back Arjun Mahendran to Sri Lanka. The true face of politicians will come to light, and a strong government will be in Place. This will solve most problems.


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