President reveals over 130 IS linked suspects in Sri Lanka

President Maithripala Sirisena revealed that over 130 suspects linked to the Islamic State (IS) terror cell have been operating in Sri Lanka.

The President said that according to available information, around 140 suspects linked to the terror network are in Sri Lanka.

“The security forces and Police are conducting successful operations to arrest the suspects,” he said.

The President said that several suspects have already been arrested following the Easter Sunday attack, and the terror network will be completely eliminated from Sri Lanka.

The President made the revelation while speaking to local media heads in Colombo today.

Speaking further, the President said that the Defence Secretary and Inspector General of Police had failed in their duties and that is why he called for their resignation.

He said that they had failed to share prior information obtained by them over a possible terror attack in the country.

The President added that he and the entire Government will also take the full responsibility for the attacks. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. After reading this article I came to a conclusion that India has a vital interest to destabilise Sri Lanka more than ISIS. In fact, India has a history of destabilising Sri Lanka to achieve its ulterior motives. If you think that India is not behind the Easter Sunday attacks, then tell me what strategy India has to stop China influencing Sri Lanka?

    Asian intellectuals well aware how India has been playing its dirty game. Tamils have been monitored by the Sri Lankan intelligence networks so India had chosen the least suspected people to accomplish its task. I believe that India was a bridge to connect local fanatics with ISIS. India trained thousands of Tamil youths. Creating hand full of Lankan radicals and connecting with ISIS is nothing for India.

    Notably, India had tipped off 3 times to Sri Lankan authorities about the bombings, especially just 2 hours before the bombing. How India had precise details? Obviously, India is having a close connection with the terrorists. Why India is maintaining a close relationship with terrorists? Obviously, India masterminded the attack and informed to the Sri Lankan government, because it knew Sri Lanka doesn’t have the capacity to stop the attacks. Once you opened the floodgates then telling people flood is coming to those people who do not have the capacity to stop the flood is not a helping gesture, but a tactical move to fool them.

    Indians are not smart, otherwise they would have become rulers of the world by now. India’s dirty game only a short term gain. Politically speaking Sri Lanka lns are wiser than in 1980s. Plus Sri Lankans are resilient people, they will bounce back in no time. Yesterday Tamils were victims for India and today Muslims are victims for India’s dirty game. However, India will lose it eventually. Fools are creating chaos around their neighbourhood, and it will comeback and haunt them in big time.


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