Brandix secures highest LEED Platinum rating in Sri Lanka

Brandix, the leading Apparel solutions provider in Sri Lanka, marked a momentous milestone in its journey towards Sustainability by securing the highest LEED Platinum rating in Sri Lanka for its manufacturing facility in Batticaloa under the ‘Industrial Manufacturing’ category. Significantly, this rating also ranks the Brandix Batticaloa facility as the second highest LEED Platinum rated manufacturing facility in the world.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement issued by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), provides organisations a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. With this rating, Brandix reinforces its position as the benchmark for energy efficiency, water conservation, solid waste management and reduced carbon emissions in Sri Lanka.

The company’s Batticaloa facility is the largest Apparel manufacturing facility within its network in Sri Lanka and provides a livelihood to over 5,000 from communities in and around Batticaloa.

Commenting on the achievement, Head of Engineering of Brandix Apparel Limited, Iresha Somarathna said, “Achieving the highest LEED Platinum rating in Sri Lanka for our Batticaloa facility reflects our undeterred efforts to become a truly sustainable Apparel manufacturer wherever we conduct our operations. To this effect, we have taken great strides to maintain an equitable balance between the resources we use and the resources we put back. As a result, we are proud to note that we have generated 8.5MW of renewable energy so far from our envisioned goal of 20MW. We continue with great focus towards securing the No. 1 sustainability ranking for our facilities, as well as achieving the first Net Zero facility in the world, in line with our mission to be the most sustainable Apparel manufacturer in South Asia.”

The company’s journey to achieve sustainability across its operations is a high priority on its corporate agenda, making Brandix a forerunner in the industry. As a result, in 2008, the company inaugurated the Brandix Green Plant in Seeduwa, the world’s first LEED Platinum rated manufacturing facility and a milestone for Sri Lanka. A decade later, Brandix continues resolutely towards its 2020 goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its operations, having secured LEED certifications and many other national and global accolades for its facilities across the region.

Additionally, the company’s CSR strategy focuses on addressing the water supply and sanitation needs of its employees and the communities surrounding its operating locations. As an extension to this initiative, and in line with its overall Sustainability agenda, Brandix continues its commitment towards projects such as the Kelani River Multi-stakeholder Partnership (KRMP), where likeminded partners strive to balance the development of livelihoods, communities and industries, as well as ensure the safety of drinking water sources for the communities that live along the Kelani River.

About Brandix:

Brandix, the single largest employer in Sri Lanka’s Export sector and adjudged ‘Globally Operated Highest Foreign Exchange Earner’ at the 2018 Presidential Export Awards, operates Apparel manufacturing units in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Haiti and Cambodia. On a journey to deliver Inspired Solutions at every point of its operations, the company continues to develop, manufacture and market end-to-end Apparel solutions to world-renowned brands, whilst inspiring sustainable development in the communities it operates in.


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