US assisting Sri Lanka in forensics and crime scene probe

The United States is assisting Sri Lanka in forensics and crime scene investigations following the Easter Sunday attacks.

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina B. Teplitz called for unity in the wake of the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks that killed at least 359 innocent people, including four U.S. citizens.

Noting the progress Sri Lanka has made in building trust and ties among people of different faiths and ethnicities over the last few years, she urged Sri Lankans to remain unified.

“These terrible attacks are the work of a few individuals and not of an entire community,” Ambassador Teplitz said. “Sri Lankans of all backgrounds and faiths have come together to condemn these atrocities. Unity is the most powerful answer to terrorism.”

Ambassador Teplitz stated that President Trump’s offer of assistance was both concrete and significant: expert teams from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) are providing support to the Sri Lankan-led investigation into the attacks, at the behest of the Sri Lankan Government.

These teams are working side-by-side with Sri Lankan law enforcement officials in forensics and crime scene investigations, the US Embassy in Colombo said.

The Embassy is working to determine ways in which we can assist Sri Lanka’s communities in coming together in the aftermath of this tragedy.

“We want to provide all possible support to Sri Lanka’s efforts and are assisting at the invitation of the government,” the Ambassador added. “Conspiracy theories about the involvement of the U.S. military draw attention away from where it should be focused, which is firmly on the victims and their families.”

The cooperation is part of the growing partnership between the United States and Sri Lanka. Security is a key component of that partnership.

“As a close friend to Sri Lanka, we are heartbroken by these attacks. We’re committed to helping Sri Lanka emerge from this crisis stronger and more unified.”


  1. ISIS claimed that their soldiers did Easter Massacre. Later, in its last statement said that they will capture Sri Lanka (SL).

    The obvious reasons are;
    1.More than 150 Madarases, are functioning in SL, where Muslim kids are being brainwashed secretly by Islamic extremists.
    2.The Sharia university (SU), Financed fully by Saudi Arabia and sponsored by the government of SL led by MR in 2013 at a cost of Rs 1.5 Billion will bring 16,000 Islamic extremists into SL.
    3.Hisbulla, who promoted the SU is the Governor of Eastern Province.

    It appears that the GSL jumped from frying pan into the fire after the war was unilaterally ended by the LTTE in 2009.

    There are more than 150 Madarses supposed to teach the truth in Quoran during Infancy and practice it with transparency to the public. But Madarases were closed to public because they are being secretly taught terror.

    The remedy would be as follows;
    1. Neutral people other than Muslims should be allowed to freely visit Madarases immediately.
    2. Speak to the children to know what was taught.
    3. Observe the childrens behaviour and response to questions.
    4. Take those brainwashed to a rehabilitation Centre and rehabilitate for 2 years.

    I feel strongly that this should be done to prevent the ISIS terrorist leader Mohammed Zahrans saying with conviction “thousands of Muslims will rise up in future to kill non Muslims”.

    Let us save our beautiful and innocent children from terror, suffering and destruction.

    • Sarvan you are absolutely correct. Steps Suggested by you should be implemented by govt at the earliest to prevent recurrence of such attacks in SL.


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