Tropical cyclone poses threat to parts of Sri Lanka

A cluster of showers and thunderstorms in the northern Indian Ocean may develop into a dangerous tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal by this weekend, Accuweather reported.

While the threat is several days away from even potentially developing, its long term impacts could be very significant.

Development may occur as early as Friday or Saturday in the southern Bay of Bengal to the southeast or east of Sri Lanka.

A potential track toward the northwest would bring the cyclone dangerously close to Sri Lanka by Sunday and then potentially striking southern India Sunday night or Monday.

The storm could then stall or meander across southern India during the first half of next week leading to several days of downpours for the region.

Flooding and mudslides would be the most significant concerns from this tropical threat with the threat for damaging winds would be near the track of the storm putting northern Sri Lanka and coastal communities of southeast India at greatest risk.

Another scenario would take the potential cyclone farther east initially keeping the worst impacts away from Sri Lanka and southern India.

However, in this scenario the storm could still impact parts of eastern India and perhaps Bangladesh and Northeast India as it tracks northwest or northward across the Bay of Bengal. (Colombo Gazette)


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