Army says Police did not share intelligence report

The Army says the Police did not share any intelligence report of a possible attack on churches and other locations.

Army Commander, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake said that there was a lapse in intelligence sharing.

Senanayake said that the Army has sought an integrated system for intelligence sharing.

He said that the Army is also seeking authority to investigate and make arrests.

The Government also admitted today that intelligence information had been shared about a possible suicide attack in Colombo but the information had not been taken seriously by the Police.

Minister of Telecommunications, Foreign Employment and Sports Harin Fernando made public a warning letter received by the authorities, which circulated on social media earlier.

The Government had earlier said that the latter was fake.

However Fernando made the letter public on his twitter account saying some intelligence officers were aware of the incidence.

“Serious action need to be taken as to why this warning was ignored,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Mano Ganesan said that his Ministerial Security Division (MSD) officers had also been warned by their Division a week earlier, about two suspected suicide bombers in Colombo targeting politicians.

Over 300 people had been killed in the Easter Sunday attacks in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The president has ruined the county in three main ways:
    1. By not allowing the elected government to implement its economic policies (He went into sabotage mode sometime after 2015)

    2. By taking action to kill democracy in the country by violating the constitution and engaging in in a political conspiracy. Only the supreme court managed to stop him

    3. Now, neglecting the security of the country despite the fact that he has all armed forces, police and law enforcement apparatus under his sole control.

    Who is he going to blame now? Lord Venkateaswaran at Tirupathi Temple?

    This guy is not only a shame a disaster to the country.

  2. The government is busy thieving the country dry. They are intoxicated with power and buried to the eyeballs in greed. Shame on you, resign

  3. There will be serious repercussions personally for the President and his so-called Intelligence and security cohort who with no proper knowledge and experience into the subject and for nothing but the greed for power clung on to this portfolio. We would not be surprised if lawsuits are filed against the President and the government. This is Criminal Negligence on the part of the President and his security team. If he does not resign impeachment must be considered immediately after an impartial investigation. This President is bad luck and bad news to our country. The man was out on a personal jaunt overseas with his wife and family seeking divine intervention for his personal ambition to stay in power, long after he was clearly warned of the impending disaster of immeasurable proportion. What kind of “precedent” is this for a leader of a country. Now he is doing his normal pass the parcel stuff trying to palm off blame to someone else as if he could

  4. not sharing information and divisions in armed forces was the sole reason that we couldn’t defeat the LTTE until Malinda came to power.
    His brother is the man who brought all these faction in the army under one umbrella and that was thereason behind the success in defeating LTTE

  5. It was same thing happened in 9/11 attack in the USA. Relevant agencies did not share intelligence; selfishness – trying to fly with one wing.

  6. Blood is in president sirisena’s hands. This president is a megalomaniac. He threw duly elected PM Ranil and brought former dictatorial loser rajapaksa as PM only to reverse the course shamefully a few months back. This useless president does not give police and law enforcement ministerial positions to duly capable war winning commander Fonseka due to personal grudges and animosity. This president is only there to run around the world with his family and play blame games without governing and directing the resources properly to run the country. Shame Shame Shame…

  7. Hello people
    We have fundamental misunderstanding of our country eternally
    A few short years ago we had terrorism and then was eliminated
    We were told Tamils were the terrorist
    And the Sinhalese were the victims after 30 years Sinhalese Army eliminated the Tamil terrorists
    Everyone wants to believe this story ,
    Because it reinforced the believe that the Sinhala race is born to a woman and a Lion , but the truth is the terrorism was created by a foreign policy mistake and destroyed by terrorist mistake
    This current terrorism is also a foreign policy mistake, adopting Roads and Belts, it will resolve after a bunch of
    People are dead ,out economy is destroyed , a few people made their millions, and then , only then policy is changed
    We will again started believe in the story of our lineage of a lion and a woman

  8. Don`t be surprised if the IGP is asked to resign to take the blame of not following up on an
    intelligence tip off with a hidden promise of Ambassadorship. MY3 way of handling things imagining
    he will increase his Sinhala vote base!!

  9. යකෝ තට්ටේ ගෑවට මොලේ පෙන්නේ නෑ බං. මොලේ පෙන්න නම් වැඩක් කරලා පෙන්නන්න ඕන.

  10. 1. Tri – Forces and Police is under President.
    2. State Minister of Defence and Prime Minister was kept away from weekly Security Council since October.
    3. State Minister of Defence was kept out of the Intelligence Brief since October.
    4. Security council has not met for almost 2 months.
    5. Director of Terrorist Investigations Department (TID) is in jail for trying to do Political Drama to frame Prime Minister and SF.
    6. Cheif of National Intelligence (CNI) was appointed by President and was directly reporting to President.

    • What Intelligence? The current government locked up the top intelligence officers and military officials. The government is a sympathizers of Terrorism.

  11. That is why Sarath Fonseka ( Whatever shortcoming he has)said you are not suitable for this kind of position.
    You are also like IGP who should not wear uniforms but woman clothes.

    • Why insult women. Look at how The PM of NZ acted and compare that with the President Sirisena.If he has an ounce decency left in him must he not tender his resignation and leave our country to make some progress. What a calamity he has brought upon the country and so many innocent people who visited our country hoping they were safe and would be protected.

  12. President- No one know where is this person, Prim Minister – Not informed, other ministers-narrowly escape since father told him- Who is responsible for this disaster- People of this country since they elected these characters to govern the country.

  13. So, what was your intelligence doing? Don’t blame others for your negligence. We as a nation curse you too because these innocent victims’ blood is on you and your generations to come.

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