Several countries issue travel advisories on Sri Lanka

Several countries have issued travel advisories on Sri Lanka following the deadly bombings in Colombo and outside Colombo today.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that security has been stepped up across the island and there are reports of ongoing security operations.

“If you are in Sri Lanka, please follow the advice of local security authorities, hotel security staff or your tour company. The airport is operating, but with increased security checks. Some airlines are advising their passengers to arrive early for check-in, in light of increased security screening.┬áThe Sri Lankan authorities have declared a nationwide curfew. You should limit movements until this has been lifted, following the instructions of the local authorities and your hotel/tour operator,” the UK FCO said.

The Canadian Foreign Ministry said that the situation in Sri Lanka remains volatile and warned that others attacks could occur throughout the country.

Australia urged its citizens to think seriously about whether they need to travel to Sri Lanka due to the high level of risk.

“If you do travel, do your research and take a range of extra safety precautions, including having contingency plans. Check that your travel insurer will cover you,” Australia noted in a travel advise. (Colombo Gazette)


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