Government admits prior warning was ignored

The Government has now admitted that prior warning was issued over possible attacks targeting churches and diplomatic missions but the warning was ignored.

Minister of Telecommunications, Foreign Employment and Sports Harin Fernando made public a warning letter received by the authorities, which circulated on social media earlier.

The Government had earlier said that the latter was fake.

However now Fernando made the letter public on his twitter account saying some intelligence officers were aware of the incidence.

“Serious action need to be taken as to why this warning was ignored,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Mano Ganesan said that his Ministerial Security Division (MSD) officers had also been warned by their Division a week earlier, about two suspected suicide bombers in Colombo targeting politicians.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has also said that an investigation must be launched as to why intelligence reports of the attack was not taken seriously. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The warning was ignored . How were the so called foreign Suiciders landed in Sri Lanka. First of all there is no cohesion in the government after Last years political coup. Positions have become important to Leaders, than the welfare of the People. The need of the hour is Strong cohesive government. The slim chance of UNP winning the Next election is devastated by these killings. If polticians believe in good gvernance lot of Resignation should come, without blame game.

    On the other hand Sri Lanka Tourist sector appears to have taken no note of Bali , and RT Bakery Pune Incidents, where Western Tourists were targetted by global Islamic fundamentalist. it is a known factor, that growth of Western Tourist means, that country is a target for terrorists. The security arrangements in Sri Lanka High end hotels have totally failed specially in Colombo. They have not installed high end scanners in hotels as in many countries. When you invite tourists, you must protect, and take reasonable steps for their safety.

  2. It seems Sri Lankan soil is used for international terror groups to achieve their motives and Sri Lankan intelligence agencies should strengthen to face this threat.This is not time to talk about past but act swiftly to face threat coming tomorrow.


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