SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka youth, Shane Manohara, takes the first step towards his dream career in music

Led by sheer will, inspired by the late ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson and backed by SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka (SOSCVSL); Shane Manohara Rajapaksa, who is an SOS youth took the first step towards his dream career in music, releasing his first single- ‘Wannama’ at SOS Children’s Villages, Piliyandala.

Speaking about this monumental moment in his life, Shane, said: “I have always admired Michael Jackson’s music and dreamt of becoming an artiste like him one day and I am excited to have this much appreciation and support for my ambition.I’m humbled by everyone’s positive reactions to the song and I hope to continue making and sharing my music with more people around the country.”

Joining SOSCVSL at the age of 10, Shane always grew up with the dream of performing in front of crowds and has already organized three musical concerts, with the aim of doing more in the future.At present, Shane is employed at Colombo International Academy of Training & Standard Institute.

Commenting on Shane’s achievement, Divakar Ratnadurai – National Director, SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka,said: “We are extremely happy and proud about Shane and the steps he has taken to realize his dreams. He’s a great example of passion and dedication,which I am sure, will inspire not just his brothers and sisters at SOSCVSL, but also those around the country.At SOSCVSL, we always encourage our children to find their passions and we support them in every way we can to ensure they find their calling in life and use the opportunities they get to inspire others.”


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