Health officers seal 21 restaurants following raids

Health officers have sealed 21 restaurants for preparing food in unhealthy conditions, the Ministry of Health said.

The Health Ministry said that 1412 raids were conducted around the island from March 15 to April 10.


  1. Perhaps, this is a reflection of what happens when the ‘fear of God’ is put into people with a few well-publicized bribery prosecutions.

  2. The figure should have been at least 221. Ask any restaurantuer as to what the temp of their fridges/freezers should be – they have no clue. Display cabinets have no proper temp control. How many toilets have proper hand washing/drying facilities. Lots of food is handled by bare hands. Excessive use of flavour and colour enhancers. Some of the eateries in Wellawatta area are openly of extremely poor standard. All should display their inspected rating in the front window compulsorily.


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