President says date set to implement death penalty

President Maithripala Sirisena says the date has been set to implement the death penalty.

Speaking at an event today, the President said that tough action will be taken against those involved in drug trafficking.

He said that the country needs to have strong laws and tough penalties and that punishment must be implemented.

As a result he said that the death penalty will be implemented on repeat offenders involved in drug trafficking.

Human rights groups and the UN have raised concerns over the President’s decision to implement the death penalty. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Have you set a date for ‘setting the country’ on fire as well?. Better find a way to die peacefully than killing others.

  2. At last, this “ponya” of a President displays some ‘moral-fiber’. This is a simple common-sense decision that does not require any religious, moral, or ethical consternation.

    It provides sound deterrence, and fatal consequences for those that fail to heed the warning.

    May the children who now lie in graves because of these parasites; Rest in Peace. And, for every person spared that fate, let us all thank the President.


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