Sumanthiran tells Bandula to resign from committee on public finance

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance, M.A. Sumanthiran has called for the resignation of committee member Bandula Gunawardena.

Gunawardena had said that the committee was pointless as it failed to submit a report related to the 2019 budget to Parliament on time.

Sumanthiran said that the delay to release the report was as a result of the Finance Ministry delaying submitting some information.

He also noted that Gunawardena had not attended a single meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Finance despite being a member of the committee.

Sumanthiran said that if Gunawardena feels the committee is pointless then he must resign.

However Gunawardena said that he will resign if he feels like it and when he wants. (Colombo Gazette)


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