CEB releases full schedule for power cuts

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) today released the full schedule for power cuts in the country with effect from today.

In a statement, the Ceylon Electricity Board said that it is always making every effort to provide quality, reliable and uninterruptible electricity supply throughout the Island.

However due to present dry weather experienced in the country, energy demand has increased.

The present electricity generation is mainly produced from all available Thermal Power Stations and Hydropower Plants. At present, hydro storage has depleted to very low levels. Due to depleted water levels in the hydro reservoirs, CEB has to restrict the electricity generation from hydropower plants to save the water for drinking and irrigation requirements, which is more vital at this stage.

Therefore, the CEB says it is compelled to manage the demand in order to ensure that the storage in the reservoirs will be maintained above minimum operating levels until the next inter-monsoon period expected in late April 2019.

‘CEB is therefore reluctantly compelled to manage the system in such a way that the demand is always controllable to maximum generation so that a stable power system is maintained throughout the country until situation is normalized,” the CEB said.

The demand management will be carried out in Groups.

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