Tense situation arises at side meeting on Sri Lanka in Geneva

A tense situation arose at a side meeting on Sri Lanka held at the UN building in Geneva today.

The event was organised by Pasumai Thaayagam (Green Motherland) in coordination with the Tamil Centre for Human Rights – TCHR in France.

Some members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and other Tamils groups attended the event, as did a group led by former Parliamentarian and retired Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara.

An exchange of words took place during the discussion involving the Tamil diaspora and the group led by Sarath Weerasekara.

A heated exchange of words also took place as soon as the event concluded, between TNA member M.K Sivajilingham and the group led by Sarath Weerasekara.

The group led by Sarath Weerasekara told Sivajilingham that all Sri Lankans must be allowed to live together and rejected claims of genice and land grab.

Sivajilingham however refused to accept the opinion of the group led by Sarath Weerasekara.

The briefing was chaired by the Founder general secretary of TCHR, Mr S. V. Kirupaharan while TNA Member of Parliament S. Sritharan, Human rights activist and Director International Programme TCHR UK Ms Deirdre McConnell, Campaign manager – Society for Threatened Peoples Mr Yves BOWIE and Fr Pancras Jordan of Pax Christi, Australia spoke.

The speakers focused on the lack of initiative by Sri Lanka on implementing Resolutions 30/1 and 34/1 with particular regard to the matter of transitional justice. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I was addressing this meeting on our visit as human rights defenders led by Prof Ramu Mannivanan to the north and east of Sri Lanka last October and shared our findings . I was asked to shut up by a woman who was seen with Sarath Weerasekara !! and also called a ‘foreigner’ by another… I only stated that this word foreigner does not exist in the UN. The woman finally apologised because i said I will not leave her go without the same. This is the quality of people from Sri Lanka who attend sessions…… in the UN HRC and get away with the resolution for another two year extension … who hears the voices of victims in the UN ??

  2. We had violence against minority’s even after the end of the so called war against LTTE (if not Tamils) Thev Srilankan government . Must Bring them all to the court of justice. Give us the Guarantee of non Occurrence in the future.

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