Sri Lanka has no concerns on security of Chinese products

Sri Lanka has no concerns on using Chinese products, Minister of Digital infrastructure and Information Technology Ajith Perera said.

Sri Lanka is among 170 countries Huawei Technologies, a Chinese company, has deployed its products and services.

There have been concerns in some countries on using Huawei products over claims the Founder of Huawei served in the military.

“Business and politics are two different things. We should never mix the two. Sri Lanka has successfully and safely been using Chinese products including Huawei in a big way. Politically countries may have different agendas but they should not stand in the way of consumers benefiting from the cutting edge technologies. They claim Founder of Huawei served in the military. So what? Many CEOs might have served in military. That does not make their commercial products military or political,” the Minister said.

He said that in a free market what matters are the quality and price of the products and Huawei offers great products.

“Why not use them to our own business advantage? UK and France are of that view. I am happy to see US President Donald Trump too tweeting “I want the United State to win thorough competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies”. So it is not the US President behind this move. I too share Trump’s stance. I am sure that is the stance of the Sri Lankan market,” the Minister said.

He also said that the Government has ambitious plans to bring the entire Government under one umbrella on the e-government front.

The first step towards the mission would be done by creating Sri Lanka’s “Population Registry” – which may be called the “Mother of all Databases” which will have information on the entire population at databases centrally built and administered for all Government Ministries and departments to share data.

Perera said that his focus is to use the available technologies in the right manner to let the public enjoy the life standard of a developed world citizen in a country with USD 4,000 per capita GDP, by the optimal use of the right mix of technology, economic and legal frameworks. (Colombo Gazette)


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