Pakistan envoy briefs Sri Lankan President on rift with India

The High Commissioner of Pakistan, Major General (R) Dr. Shahid Ahmad Hashmat called on President Maithripala Sirisena and briefed him on the rift with India.

Dr. Hashmat reiterated emphatically Pakistan’s unrelenting commitment and dedicated resolve for peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

The High Commissioner underscored repeated sincere and honest efforts of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in de-escalating the recent tension across the Line of Control between India and Pakistan.

He emphasized the fact that the entire spectrum of Pakistani leadership advocates and endorses the international community’s support for sustainable dialogue for peaceful resolution of all disputes and conflicts between Islamabad and New Delhi, including the Kashmir issue.

President Sirisena stated that Sri Lanka is a close friend of Pakistan and India and therefore it supports and advocates the resolution of the conflict between India and Pakistan through bilateral dialogue and negotiations, which is very important for peace and stability in the region.

He further elaborated that the military escalation between Pakistan and India will affect the entire region, especially having a negative impact on economic progress and prosperity.

Expressing the paramount importance of peace, the President expressed that as a member of SAARC fraternity, Sri Lanka fully supports peace in the SAARC region and is willing to play an important role in achieving peace. He also underscored the importance of using the SAARC forum to promote mutual cooperation among its member states.

The President expressed his confidence that under the astute political stewardship of Imran Khan, Pakistan will not allow the conflict to escalate further and expressed his hope for early resolution of current crisis.

He also appreciated Pakistan’s positive action of releasing the Indian Pilot, expecting that such gestures will help to diffuse tension and would promote peace in the region. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “The Muslim Voice” acknowledges the oppression of the Kashmiri People by India over the last 70 years, without conducting the “PLEBICITE” ordered by the UN in 1948. India went to war with Pakistan on the contrary.

    “The Muslim Voice” – Sri Lanka wish to express our fullest solidarity and support to “PAKISTAN” in respect to the recent incidents that took place in “Paluwama” on February 14th., 2019. This is especially in gratitude to the extra ordinary International Relations and Military support extended to Sri Lanka our “Maathruboomiya” by Pakistan to crush the worlds ruthless terrorist organization, the LTTE nutured and cultured by India and RAW over a period of 30 years to destory our peacefull Nation during the period 1979 to 2009.

    “The Muslim Voice” fully denounces the “on-slaughter of false media propaganda” carried out by India and the Indian social media, especially via “youtube” and mushroom Indian internet TV broadcasts fanning warmongering among the people of India.

    “The Muslim Voice” is of the view that:
    Without producing concrete evidence that Pakistan instigated or is behind this attack, accusing Pakistan of this crime is unacceptable and cannot be accepted under any norms of International relations. India has to immediately apologise to Pakistan and to Prime Minister Imran Khan for making such publicity/statements.

    “The Muslim Voice” fully agrees on all the points raised by Ex. I.A.S Officer and former young Kashmiri Lok Shaba MP – Shah Faesal in a TV interview on NewsMaker@Democracy broadcasted today and wishes to state it was excellent. Shah Faesal REALLY “shot down” the war mongering attitude of the Indian media and expressed his stand on what “PEACE” will mean for both Pakistan and India to resolve the 70 years oppression of Kashmir. “The Muslim Voice” wishes to ask the Indian Media how they can question others of terrorism when they themselves instigated, trained, funded and sent to the North and East of Sri Lanka LTTE Sri Lankan Tiger terrorists for a period nearly 30 years that led to the killings of thousands of innocent civilians, armed forces and Tamil youth and hundreds of Muslims while performing the Friday prayers in the Eastern province (Kattankudy) of Sri Lanka on August 3rd., 1990 – (

    India should accept the peaceful hand of Pakistan and sit down to find/discuss what action is needed to maintain peace in the region, Insha Allah.

    Attacking or accusing or threatening Hon. Imran Khan, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan unwantedly will not be tolerated by the Muslim Umma of the World especially of Sri Lanka. The Nobel Peace Prize for PM Imran Khan will be most deserving, for his attempts in having de escalated a possible war between the two atomic power neighbours by his/Pakistan/Pakistan Army’s “PEACE GESTURE” release of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, the IAF pilot whose fighter jet was shot down inside Pakistan territory on Insha Allah.
    Noor Nizam – Convener – The Muslim Voice”.


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