BW Wellness vertical will make Corporates work healthy, staffers financially free

Beyond Wealth (BW) and Strategic Insurance (, two successful companies in Wealth Creation and Protection, will initiate a new Wellness vertical to be launched at the Young Chartered Accountants Forum (YCAF), on March 6th 5 pm onwards, at the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Malasekera Mawatha, Colombo 7.

The sponsored event, organized by the Young Chartered Accountants Forum, will have attendees benefit from top of the range health tips, while getting themselves subject to a special health check, by the Power World Gym Team. Special offers are now available to enroll with Power World from 5pm to 6pm, Jani Ganeshan, President YCAF said.  

Thalavou Alalima, the founder Chairman of Power World Gyms will speak to the audience on the theme ‘health is the best gift you can give yourself and others around you.’  

‘Sri Lanka badly needs health and fitness — Wellness — experts who would be able to keep corporate Sri Lanka healthy, especially when many Lankan citizens are ravaged by sicknesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and seasonal epidemics. The Wellness team will be able to increase corporate productivity, by keeping corporate staff off the sick list’ said LakmaliHapuarachchi, Director Sib.

Sib and Beyond Wealth will facilitate Corporates to assess and define their Wellness needs with Wellness assessments for clients who associate with their Employee Benefit (EB) and Wellness program. It’s a first of a kind effort in this country.

‘It is vital that mind and body are in perfect sync, and that is the key to Wellness. Wealth experts provide proper assessments and make available the Wellness that would make corporate employees have their minds and bodies working at optimum potential,’ said Thanuja Danwatte, Chief Wealth Architect, a highly acclaimed person with long experience in Banking and the Financial Industry. Ms. Danwatte a well-known Service Specialist, joined the BW team in 2019, and spearheads this initiative.

The better a company’s Wellness programs, the better its employees’ health is looked after. This in turn retains and attracts better employees, and increases the corporate edge over the competitors.

‘A cooperate culture both looking at employees’ investments (Professional Investment Advice) and ensuring the Wellness of employees, will create a clear competitive advantage’, Lakmali added.

BW & Sib teams will proactively reach Corporate leadership to make the Wellness program, a part of their corporate culture. The launch at CA Sri Lanka, will be first in a series of events in the Employee Benefit (EB) program.

Established in 2009, the Young Chartered Accountants Forum (YCAF) was the brain child of a group of dynamic members who strove to create a platform for the younger members of CA Sri Lanka. Today, YCAF operates as part of the Institute, with a unique constitution of its own. Its management committee, the “YCAF governing council” is composed of “members” who are below forty years of age.


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