Production tax on several products increased

The production tax on several products has been increased in the 2019 Budget which was presented to Parliament today.

Accordingly, the production tax on cigarettes will be increased by Rs. 5 per stick, production tax on hard liquor will be increased by Rs. 63 (750ML bottle) and beer can by Rs. 9 (330ml).

The production tax on petrol vehicles, less than 1000cc has also been increased by Rs. 175,000 and less than 1300cc by Rs. 500,000.

The production tax on three wheelers (200cc) has been increased by Rs. 60000.

The production tax on hybrid petrol vehicles less than 800cc will be increased by Rs. 250,000 and less than 150cc by Rs. 500,000.

Meanwhile, the expressway toll during rush hour will be increased by Rs. 100 from April 1st.

The price to alter or obtain new passports has also been increased.

The price to alter a passport has been increased by Rs. 500, normal service to obtain a new passport increased by Rs. 500 and one day service increased by Rs. 5000. (Colombo Gazette)


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