Indonesians injured in mid-sea attack brought to Sri Lanka

Two Indonesians who were injured in a mid-sea attack have been brought to Sri Lanka for treatment, Focus Taiwan reported.

Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration (CGA) officers took control of a Pingtung-registered fishing boat in the Indian Ocean where two crewmates were killed last month, and are scheduled to return to Taiwan in two weeks after taking the suspected Filipino assailant into custody, the CGA said on Sunday.

The CGA vessel Hsun Hu No. 8, which has set off for Taiwan, is expected to arrive in Kaohsiung around March 16 with the Filipino suspect, who was detained on Saturday.

The case will be handed over to the Pingtung District Prosecutors Office for investigation, the CGA said in a statement.

Officers from the CGA and Fisheries Agency initially arrived in the area where the Wen Peng (the vessel on which the incident occurred) was located, on a chartered fishing boat on Saturday after a seven-day journey.

They took control of the Wen Peng and detained the suspect who was transferred to the Hsun Hu No. 8, which arrived later, before heading for Taiwan, where a probe will be launched.

The Wen Peng had 24 crew members — 10 from the Philippines, 11 from Indonesia and three from Taiwan.

Two Filipino fishermen were killed by a Filipino co-worker over an argument, while two Indonesians were seriously injured in the Feb. 20 knife attack, the CGA said.

The bodies of the two deceased crewmen have been kept on ice on board the Wen Peng, with two others who were injured during the attack sent to a hospital in Sri Lanka for treatment on Saturday, the CGA said.

Of the crew members who were forced to jump overboard during and after the attack, six remain missing, while the rest were rescued by Taiwanese fishing vessels on Feb. 22, which also helped monitor the Wen Peng, where the suspect remained alone prior to his arrest.