Three officers from Sri Lanka in Seychelles to probe drug-smuggling

Three senior officers from the Sri Lankan Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) are currently in the Seychelles to work with the Seychelles Anti-Narcotics Bureau on ongoing drug-smuggling cases in the Indian Ocean, a news release said.

The officials are in Seychelles following a substantial seizure of heroin made in Sri Lanka, the Seychelles News Agency reported.

It was reported that the team had gone to Seychelles with regard to investigations pertaining to 231 kg of heroin that was detected and seized in Beruwala on December 18 by the PNB based on a tip-off received by the STF.

It was also reported that a racket where heroin is brought to Sri Lanka by boat from Pakistan and then taken to Seychelles hidden in fishing boats had come to light during the investigations.

A statement from the Seychelles’ Anti-Narcotics Bureau confirmed the arrival of the Sri Lankan officials, but it made no mention of the reported seizure and of reports that the drugs were destined for Seychelles – a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean.

Drug trafficking into Seychelles from foreign countries has been a problem in recent months, but there have been no reports of drugs being intercepted from Sri Lankan nationals or fishing vessels.

However only last year, there were three incidents of illegal fishing by Sri Lankan-flagged vessels in the waters of Seychelles.


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