Rugby to be promoted in outstation schools

Sri Lanka’s leading glove manufacturer ATG Group of Companies signed up as the official jersey sponsor of Colombo Synergy Rugby Academy (CSRA) for year 2019 recently at the ATG Group’s headquarters at the Katunayaka Export Processing Zone.

CSRA is one of the pioneering Academies in the island focussing on the development & promotion of the sport in Sri Lanka.

CSRA has a few local and overseas tournaments lined up for the year and hopes to host a Rugby Gala in mid- 2019 to promote rugby in outstation schools.

The academy has managed to conduct various rugby promotional activities in the country in the recent past. CSRA’s vision is to create wholesome sportsmen by teaching the spirit of Rugby while developing and enriching players’ personalities so they stand out both on and off the field.

Managing Director of the ATG Group, Fazal Abdeen is a sports enthusiast who believes youth engaging in sports is very essential because sports, particularly rugby, help develop a host of crucial life skills such as team spirit, leadership and ability to think and act fast under pressure. As such, the ATG Group generously extends its support to sportsmen and women from all over the country.

“It is a great strength to our academy that ATG has come forward to help us by sponsoring the jerseys for the entire year. It gives us a privilege to carry a global brand with us and hope this will help our kids to look better on and off the field.” Nazeem Ghaffoor, Founder/Chairman noted.


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