School boy slapping incident draws strong criticism

Former Sri Lanka cricket captain Mahela Jayawardena has slammed an incident where a school boy was seen on a video being slapped at a school rugby match by his coach.

The video is circulating on social media and has already drawn strong criticism.

“This is wrong! It’s not coaching its abuse. I had coaches who thought me values without hitting me,” Mahela Jayawardena said in a tweet. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These Useless Teachers who have carried on a old and out dated tradition of using violence in some cases extreme for so called discipline, have utterly failed society and many young children. The mentality of teaching teachers like god’s must stop. These teachers who can only throw a text book (old unrevised edition) say to commit to memory the text thinks this is teaching. They are unwilling to change their old useless methods. Free education does not have quality educators.


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