Pakistan wants to improve defence ties with Sri Lanka

Pakistan’s Defence Minister Pervez Khattak has said that Pakistan and Sri Lanka should take advantage of the each other’s experiences in the realm of defence, Radio Pakistan reported.

He was talking to Chief of Defence Staff of Sri Lanka Admiral Ravindra C Wijegunaratne who called on him in Rawalpindi.

The Minister expressed satisfaction about the existing deep rooted ties between the two states and stressed the need to further diversify and expand these ties.

Earlier, Pakistan’s President Dr. Arif Alvi conferred Nishan-i-Imtiaz (Military) upon Chief of Defence Staff of Sri Lankan Armed Forces Admiral Ravindra Chandrasiri Wijegunaratne in a special investiture ceremony held here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, Associate Press of Pakistan reported.


  1. I personally know this man, CDS, Admiral Ravi is so shrewed, I am quite sure he will earn further couple of millions from deals related to this defence negotiation between SL and PAK too, if any opportunity exits. As he whole heartedly cooperated for rusty Russian Ship deal, as he is a man who will sacrifice any thing for his own advantage, even his dignity and integrity. He cooperated with nasty Russian ship Deal, just to get his extension granted as then Commander of the Navy, despite three separate committees of Admirals have vehemently rejected it. Since he has already requested another extension as CDS, he will agree upon any third class business deal, despite severe economical repercussions to the country as it would have happened, if Russian ship deal was materialized.

  2. Yes, Admiral RW backed in purchasing of a Russian warship for double the price of its actual value, through a Rs. 20 billion deal with Russia’s war machinery, JSC Rosoboronexport, despite three different committees that were appointed and respectively headed by Rear Admiral Dharmendra Wattewa, Vice Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe and Rear Admiral Neil Rosairo at different stages not given the approval to go ahead with the Russian ship deal.
    As Chief of Defence Staff Admiral RW took in favor of the procurement and his reason being, the requirement to protect foreign naval ships when they make a port of call in could there have been a more idiotic justification from someone of his stature and rank who may or may not have a personal interest’ in the deal?
    If the purchase of the Russian ship at $ 195 million is a foregone conclusion, and if selling the Mattala Airport at around $ 200 million is what it takes to pay for the ship, would the future generation be kind enough when judging the handling of the economy?
    This is just get his extension granted as Commander of the Navy.
    While I am hopeful of your good judgments prevailing, I am also optimistic that someone would eventually steer the country to safety and prosperity by fighting off this type of cunning saboteur officer criminals trying to hold to ransom and personal privileges and ruin the development of the country, which public is not aware of. If general public get know the real truth of this type of people behind uniform I do never know how they will be treated..!!!

  3. When Puppets, who doesn’t know anything about Defence become Defence Ministers, these type of opportunistic jackals grab the opportunity to execute personal agendas to gain personal level advantages, which those puppets can’t even imagine in the longer term.


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