First ever Belt & Road Relay to be run in Sri Lanka

Standard Chartered announced the launch of the Standard Chartered Belt & Road Relay, the first-ever global running event spanning the Belt and Road initiative, with the aim of highlighting the Bank’s continued commitment to Belt and Road, and the positive impact of the initiative to communities and businesses globally.

The Relay will be led by eight staff athletes from Standard Chartered, selected from the Bank’s diverse footprint in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe and the Americas. These athletes will participate in running events across 44 Belt and Road markets within a 90-day period.

Commenting on the launch, Bill Winters, Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered, said, “The Belt and Road Initiative is the most ambitious and far-reaching project of its kind in the world today. We are present in two-thirds of Belt and Road markets, and our rich heritage, deep local knowledge and unparalleled connectivity mean that we’re ideally placed to help our partners, clients and communities to make the most out of the initiative. By traversing these markets on foot and engaging local clients, governments, media and communities, our Standard Chartered Belt & Road Relay athletes will showcase our commitment to be the One Bank for the Belt and Road.”

The Standard Chartered Belt & Road Relay will kick off in Hong Kong on 17 February, in conjunction with the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, which is one of the biggest sports events in the city with over 74,000 runners, and end in China on 11 May after the Belt and Road Forum.

“Sri Lanka is proud to be one of the Belt and Road markets and being part of this historic initiative. We believe this relay will expand our footprint across Asia, Africa and the Middle East and we look forward to the relay coming to Sri Lanka on 12 March”, said Bingumal Thewarathanthri, CEO, Standard Chartered Sri Lanka.

The Belt and Road initiative is core to Standard Chartered. In 2017, the Bank committed additional financing for Belt and Road projects of at least USD 20 billion by 2020, and was involved in more than 50 Belt and Road deals worth more than USD 10 billion across a range of products and services.

To follow the progress of the Standard Chartered Belt & Road Relay, or for more information on the Belt and Road initiative, please visit


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