Website to provide early warning signals to paddy and vegetable producers

The Socio Economic and Planning Centre of the Department of Agriculture has launched a new website for Sri Lankan farmers, which aims to provide updated information in order to educate them to make productive decisions regarding their crops.

This website is a very useful information source for -farmers, consumers, agricultural producers and food processing institutions as it provides information harvest of paddy, vegetables and other field crops, the Policy Development Office of the Prime Minister’s office said.

The website would provide better understanding on paddy crop in each district.

Further, by providing an early warning system for vegetable growers, it would encourage the farmer community to mitigate wastage and price fluctuations due to glut and thereby to produce for the requirement of the country.

In terms of the information provided in the website, there would be a glut in pumpkin production during the period from January to March 2019 and it is anticipated that there would be a price drop in comparison with the price of later period of December 2018.

The 2018/19 Maha Paddy crop is expected to be massive. This information could be accessed through and use “public” as the Username and Password.



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