Plantation unions sign new deal as workers strike

Several plantation trade unions signed a new collective agreement with Plantation companies today despite protests by some estate workers.

Estate workers in Hatton and some other areas protested today against the new agreement which goes against their demand of Rs. 1000 as a daily wage.

However, despite the protests, several plantation trade unions signed the new collective agreement for Rs. 700 as a daily wage for estate workers.

On Friday, Plantation Industries Minister Navin Dissanayake said that an agreement was reached between plantation companies and the trade unions for a daily wage of Rs. 700 plus an additional Rs. 50.

Trade union have been demanding nothing short of Rs. 1000 as a daily wage but plantation companies refused to agree.

Meanwhile. the Planters’ Association of Ceylon announced that following negotiations between the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) and Trade Unions representing Regional Plantation Company employees, an agreement was reached for a revised collective agreement.

Secretary General of The Planters’ Association, Lalith Obeyesekere said that as per the revised agreement, a daily basic wage of Rs. 700 plus a Price Share Supplement (PSS) of Rs. 50, totalling Rs 750 is the only remuneration a worker would receive based on the plucking norm. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Shame to the goverment and the people of Srilanka.The back bone of the country,the estate workers are deprived of their right to lead a decent hundred rupees is not at all enough to feed a family of four,further,for the other expenses like schooling the children,clothes,where they can go?God will curse this country for the illtreatment of the estate workers.At present one can see this curse of the GOD,for example invasion by worms in the maize cultivation. Very soon ,the country has to import even vegetables.


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