Polls monitors dismayed by lack of interest to hold PC polls

The Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) states that Parliamentarians who clamored to protect Parliamentary Democracy in October and November of 2018, have forgotten the peoples’ right to representative democracy.

Acting Executive Director of CaFFE, Manas Ahmed states that the tenure of six out of nine Provincial Councils have expired and that the tenure of other three local councils are to expire within the next few months.

However there are no preparations to hold Provincial Council elections.

Holding elections on time is a hallmark of democracy but the current administration is violating those principal, acting Executive Director of CaFFE, Manas Ahmed said.

The final decision on the Provincial Council elections has to be taken by the Parliament and if there are issues with delimitation and other technical aspects, this election can be held according to the proportional representation system.

Ahmed stated that some sections who were clamoring for democracy for 56 days since October 26, 2018 have now forgotten the peoples’ right to representative democracy.

CaFFE hopes that Parliamentarians would remember the promises made during this period and take steps to hold the Provincial Council elections as soon as possible. (Colombo Gazette)


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