Tourist alleges sexual abuse at luxury hotel outside Colombo

A tourist from Switzerland has alleged that she had been sexually abused at a luxury hotel outside Colombo.

In an email to Colombo Gazette, the tourist said that she was abused while being massaged at a SPA at the hotel.

The tourist was in Sri Lanka on holiday with her boyfriend and she had visited the SPA for a massage on 21st January.

She alleged that the young therapist had however sexually abused her.

The tourist had raised the matter with the hotel management but not satisfied with the reaction of the hotel to the complaint she then filed a complaint with the tourist Police.

She said that she had also complained to the Embassy of Switzerland in Colombo.

When contacted by Colombo Gazette, the hotel (name is being withheld since the suspect has not been proven guilty) said that they are aware of the allegation and that a comprehensive investigation is underway.

Sources at the hotel also said that there was some suspicion over the complaint as the complaint was made around two hours after the SPA treatment.

CCTV cameras of the hotel have also been used by the management of the hotel to conduct an internal inquiry.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Ministry said that it is also following up on the complaint. (Colombo Gazette)


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