Police identify 24 major drug traffickers, assets to be seized

The Police have identified 24 major drug traffickers and steps are now being taken to confiscate their assets.

Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said that the 24 drug traffickers have fled the country.

He said that steps will be taken to confiscate their assets, including property.


  1. Singapore is getting involved to deal with the ruthless drug dealers. Clearly, due to the inside information the drug dealers have left the country. Surely, most of the drug dealers’ assets will end up in police officers’ hands as gifts and bribes. Singapore government has no idea how corrupt the system is under the Indian big brothers in South Asia. Trust me, Singapore officers will flee Sri Lanka within a short period due to the corruption. Nobody can implement a system because of the corruption from top to bottom. Only a military government that has the power to clean from top to bottom will eliminate the corruption in South Asia. However, the West won’t allow that to happen in the near future, because the West hates to see the largest population of Asia coming up. Eventually, the dragon will clean South Asia once it has enough power. The West’s strategy is using unstable, foolish and corrupt South Asia against the dragon. I don’t think the dragon is fooling enough to go on a head-on collision with South Asia as the West expects. The unbelievably intelligent Asians have multiple strategies to deal with the corrupt South Asians and their Western masters who use democracy to undermine developing countries.


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