US insists no move to establish army camp in Sri Lanka

The United States (US) has rejected claims it was in the process of establishing an army camp in Sri Lanka.

The US Embassy in Colombo said that a base had never been a part of the US relationship with Sri Lanka nor have there ever been discussions aimed at establishing one.

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) General Secretary Dayasiri Jayasekara told reporters on Friday that the Government was looking at allowing the US to establish a military base in Sri Lanka.

Jayasekara claimed that US Army troops, army equipment, including communication devices were expected to be brought into Sri Lanka.

However, US Embassy Spokesperson Nancy VanHorn told The Sunday Morning that the claims were categorically false.

“The US Embassy is aware of erroneous reports that the United States intends to establish a military base in Sri Lanka. These reports are categorically false. While the US-Sri Lanka military partnership has included disaster preparedness and relief, maritime security training, and exercises to enhance interoperability, a base has never been a part of the relationship nor have there ever been discussions aimed at establishing one,” she said.


  1. About 100 years ago, our forefathers in Ceylon practiced love for one another, honoured and looked into the welfare of all in the country. They overcame fear, and created a united, peaceful and stable country. They sowed love and reaped peace bountifully.

    About 500 years ago, Marco Polo, the voyager, visited the island, met the king named Sandanam, and admired the very good and peaceful nature of the citizens.

    Starting from 1948, the root of evil grew rapidly in SL; causing foolish and hurtful lusts, many sorrows, pride and selfishness. Starting to trust in the wrong than the right, the Sinhalese lost their love and morals. From innocent kids to university adults, were brainwashed to be extremists Sinhala citizens became careless and indifferent to the wrong they did to Tamils. Falsehood gripped the Sinhalese and fear prevailed against the truthful politics of Tamils
    The Sinhalese became unjust and greedy; to grab, and control the homeland, where Tamils lived for more than 2500 years, and be cruel to commit war crimes and Tamil genocide

    3700 years ago lived an upright, perfect and very wealthy man full of wisdom, named Job; 1200 years before Gautama Buddha. Job said three important principles of life, which are truthful yet ignored and violated in SL. They are;

    1 “The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me and that which I was afraid is come unto me”. Job said so, when calamity befell him. He feared that it will continue till he lost all of his wealth. His fear caused the calamity to continue till all his wealth ended..

    Based on this 3700 year old truth, the Sinhalese greatly fear a separate Tamil state and it will come upon and unto them even after 100 years. They also greatly fear justice and punishment to the war criminals. This fear will also come unto and upon them.

    2. “Naked we come naked we go.”. Most religions like Buddshism and Hinduism also proclaim this truth, but people do not engage this truth to have a meaningful life.

    3. “Man that is full of hatred has no right to govern”. This is a very old and tested truth, confirmed and established by the study of the past hate filled kings, dictators and failed democracies.

    Ethnic hatred for Tamils and their rights was abundant in all who governed SL for the past 70 years.

    The people of SL should address the prevailing great fear and hatred, and wisely choose appropriate ways to implement the 3700 year old truth, to prevent calamity..


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