Special High Court to hear case on Gota from January 22

The Special High Court has decided to hear the case against former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa on the misappropriation of funds for the D.A. Rajapaksa Museum from January 22.

Rajapaksa appeared before the Special High Court today over the case where he was accused of misappropriating state funds amounting to Rs 49 million during the construction of the D.A. Rajapaksa Museum and Memorial in Medamulana.

The Permanent High Court Trial at Bar later decided to hear the case from January 22. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. The pressure will increase as Gota planning to stand for the presidential election. Good leaders can’t survive too long in South Asia.

    China must play an active and aggressive role to control the South Asian population.

    South Asia has more population than China, but it does not have a university within 200 in the world ranking. It could not even get a gold medal during the last two Olympic games. It is well known for corruption and treating women badly. It is also known for fighting the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades. Notably, its population is not slowing down. South Asia’s uncontrollable population will be a liability for Asia, especially for South East Asia; if China does nothing to reduce the population actively and aggressively.

    It is very clear that most of the South Asians have been manipulated by local movies and they have no idea about other South East Asian countries’ progress. They are perfect citizen for South Asia’s corrupt politicians who keep their citizens in dark for votes. When I see dark skin South Asians, I see their hearts and minds are darker than their skin colour. They are good for insulting, isolating or eliminating their own intellectuals and admire corrupt politicians for a meal or one bottle alcohol. They have no chance to compete with South East Asian countries.

    The dragon put a stop to its own population, but overlooking South Asians breeding as rabbits uncontrollably. Today, China is getting wealthier, because of its political structure. Therefore, the dragon must actively and aggressively impose its political structure in South Asia, especially in Sri Lanka which had the longest civil war in Asia due to lack of knowledge. The billions of Asians will be failing utterly, if they continue to allow dark minds and hearts to multiply uncontrollably.

    Currently, I am in Malaysia for few days. Honestly, landing in the ASEAN countries is a good feeling. Normally, I get burned out in Sri Lanka, because of foolish people. Generally speaking, South Asia breeds foolishness. Therefore, intellectuals won’t go too far in South Asia. Sooner the world controls South Asians breeding as rabbits is good for South Asia and for the world. China has an active and aggressive role to control the South Asian population.

    First reason I enjoy being here because no mosquitos. I can stay in an air conditioning room for less than 1000 Sri Lankan rupees per night. I can have good meals for less than Rs 1500 per day. Above all, I don’t have foolish family members to create unnecessary troubles to please the foreign powers. Malaysia is truly Asia, because its cheap. In KL I get free bus service for popular tourist destinations. And it’s close to Australia and New Zealand.

    Sri Lanka can’t compete with South East Asian countries, because Sri Lanka doesn’t have wise leaders to compete with other Asian countries in business or tourism. Free air conditioning buses for tourists destinations. Impossible for Sri Lanka to come up with this kind of ideas. They rather take bribe from tourists to breed as rabbits as police forces take bribes accusing drivers falsely. Agoda accommodation booking website has 7935 places in KL, and 1818 in Colombo. This shows the strength of Malaysian tourism.


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