Sri Lanka’s envoy to Russia notes importance of 2009 war victory

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Russia Dayan Jayatilleka noted the importance of the 2009 war victory, when addressing his staff.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Moscow commenced its work in the New Year 2019 yesterday (January 8), after the Russian Christmas—New Year holidays.

The inaugural New Year’s ceremony in the Mission started with the singing of the National anthem of Sri Lanka, followed by two minutes of silence in commemoration of those, who sacrificed their lives for the Motherland. Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka read the Oath of the Public Servant together with the staff members of the Mission.

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka addressed the gathered staff with a short speech on the goals and objectives of the Mission in the new year. This year of 2019 is a special year, said Ambassador Jayatilleka, as it marks the tenth anniversary of the victory of the state and the people of Sri Lanka over terrorism and separatism. This is the year when we can pay our tribute to those, who gave their lives for the country, by recapturing the same spirit and same dedication to make our contribution to the benefit of Sri Lanka and its people, he emphasized.

“2009 showed Sri Lanka that cohesion, dedication, determination, discipline and will of the people can do what otherwise could not have been done. If we look around, we’ll see that far more powerful countries than Sri Lanka have failed to defeat terrorism. The people of Sri Lanka overcame it. Russia is another example of a country, which was able to defeat terrorism on its territory. Both Sri Lanka and Russia share the same views and hold the same principles of maintaining the national integrity and sovereignty of nations,” the Ambassador said.

The Ambassador underlined that the Mission’s staff should work together as one team in an efficient and productive manner to achieve the goals of 2019. (Colombo Gazette)


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